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Chloriomon is a quality branded alternative to Pregnyl. Chloriomon is manufacured by Swiss Pharma company, IBSA

Chloriomon has a tremendous advantage over Pregnyl, in that it does not have to be refrigerated in transit as it comes in a powdered form as opposed to liquid (Pregnyl). Many Pregnyl units are spoiled in transit due to warmth. Don't take a risk. Buy HCG 5000 in powdered form with Chloriomon. When you are ready to use it, you will mix it in bacteriostatic water which is provided. After that you will keep the unused portion refrigerated.

Chloriomon HCG 5000 IU

Chloriomon HCG 5000 IU

Chloriomon HCG 5000 IU

Prices shown are PER 5000 IU vial.

Product: Chloriomon HCG 5000 IU
Generic Name: HCG 5000 IU
Brand: IBSA Pharma (Switzerland)
Packaging: 5000 IU Vial

Availability: In Stock

1-2 vials $47.00
3-4 vials $40.00
5+ vials $35.00

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HCG 5000 Pregnyl quality alternative Online Price
Unlike Pregnyl, Chloriomon comes in a powdered form whil Pregnyl is liquid. Liquid Pregnyl must be refrigerated at all times to avoid spoilage. Chloriomon HCG 5000 is powdered. Only when ready to begin using will the poder be dissolved in bacteriostatic water. Only then will the HCG be required to be kept refrigerated until used up. Chloriomon comes with the bacteriostatic water so you need only prepare it when you are ready to use it.
E Shop Pharmacy supplies Chloriomon HCG for online order. We guarantee delivery and your complete satisfaction when you order Pregnyl HCG alternative online. No prescription is required to buy HCG 5000, also known as Pregnyl or Chloriomon. We provide a free HCG 5000 IU prescription consultation.
We guarantee the lowest online Pregnyl price. Many cost conscience consumers have asked where to buy HCG 5000 IU online without a prescription and at the lowest prices. The undisputed answer is E Shop Pharmacy.
Pregnyl and Chloriomon should only be taken upon a doctor's recommemdations.

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